License details


Below you will find information about the types of licenses available for and conditions of the license for each of the product type .




The Editorial Use Only license means that the image cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes.

An Editorial Use Only image can be used:

  • In a newspaper or magazine article
  • On a blog or website for descriptive purposes
  • In a non-commercial presentation

An Editorial Use Only image cannot be used:

  • In any kind of advertising or promotional material.
  • For any ‘advertorial’ purposes, i.e. in sections or supplements in relation to which you receive a fee from a third party advisor or sponsor.

Royalty-Free ( RF)

Royalty - free materials can be used multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees.  The prices of royalty-free materials are fixed and depend only on the file size resolution and technical parameters. The use of RF materials in subsequent projects is not subject to further charges. The rights to the use of purchased RF products are granted only to the entity written on the invoice and can not be transferred to other entities. This means that if a customer sells the license for the project containing the RF materials, the buyer can not use this product in any other manner than as part of the project purchased . Licenses for RF materials  are non-exclusive. RF materials used in the media MUST be signed by the formula: photo Name_Surname / . Signing materials for graphic design should appear in imprint or in the place reserved for copyright.

Free for non-commercial purposes

Any kind of use of these materials is allowed.

Previews of files allow the free use of files of viewing their products , provided that they are used in the initial projects and previews materials. Preview files are created in order to have better look at a photograph or to create a project for presentation to the client. In order to facilitate the assessment of the quality of the original materials, a magnifying glass is available which allows you to preview the selected piece of material when you move the cursor towards it. Usage of viewing files in the final phase of projects, regardless of the purpose, is not allowed.